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Условия предоставления информации

1.   Согласие на предоставление информации.

Отправляя настоящее письмо, я — посетитель настоящего сайта, даю свое согласие на обработку моих персональных данных, указанных в настоящем письме компанией ООО «Нижегородский Автомеханический Завод» (далее — Компания) путем ведения баз данных автоматизированным, механическим и ручным способом. Полученные Компанией мои персональные данные разрешаю использовать исключительно для целей:

— связанных с исполнением моей заявки/письма/запроса;

— для предоставления мне информации о предлагаемых Компанией
товарах и услугах;

— для проведения исследований рынка и опросов потребителей, направленных на дальнейшее улучшение качества предлагаемых Компанией товаров и услуг;

— для предоставления мне рекламных материалов Компании.

2.   Посетитель вправе:

— в любое время запросить у Компании полную информацию о своих персональных данных, их обработке и использовании, а также потребовать исключения или исправления неверных или неполных персональных данных.

3.   Компания вправе:

— в случае необходимости, Компания оставляет за собой право передать данные указанные Вами, другим лицам исключительно для достижения цели, указанной в письме.

4.   Компания гарантирует, что Ваши персональные данные хранятся в соответствии с требованиями действующего Российского законодательства на условиях конфиденциальности.

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On the all-metal base

to get the price

Passenger vehicles on the all-metal basis

Feature of the passenger van on the basis of all-metal design is a single structure of cabin and body on a common base frame. Such design provides certain characteristics and advantages for it.

  1. Such van is more resistant to loads which vehicles are faced to on our roads. Thus, the use of such vehicles makes transportation more safe.
  2. Transportation vehicles on the base of all-metal vans are manufactured on our factory in accordance with quality standards. Quality welding and painting provide reliability and durability.

On the basis of such van LLC «NAZ» manufactures the following types of passenger transport:

  • Dual-purpose vehicles
  • Passenger minibuses
  • Tourist minibuses
  • Business-coupe
  • Vehicles for special service
  • Vehicles for state service
  • Isothermic vehicles
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Ritual vehicles

Vehicles for special service and state service

  • Special-purpose passenger vehicles for physically challenged people become more popular. In Russia, there are a lot of physically challenged persons who are in need for the most comfortable conditions to be provided. Our vehicles are equipped with everything one may need to transport physically challenged persons: lift, fixtures for wheelchairs and comfortable seats with armrests and seat belts.
  • In order to ensure the safety in our society, a special-purpose transport is also required. On our factory we produce passenger vehicles on the all-metal base for two kinds of state service — Emergency Situations Ministry and Ministry of the Interior. Safety of life often depends on quality of production and fitting out of such machinery. Our vehicles on the all-metal base for the Ministry of Emergency Situations are fitted out with everything required for fire fighting: fire equipment, extinguishing agents, protective clothing, communication system, lighting, etc… Passenger vehicles for Ministry of the Interior are very comfortable and equipped with heavy-duty bodies. Mobile laboratories can often be necessary in emergency situations. Tools and special reagents in our vans allow to perform the necessary tests and examinations in-situ.
  • Mobile laboratories

Passenger vehicles

  • Passenger vehicles are easy to drive and very maneuverable. In passenger and tourist vans of LLC «NAZ» factory it is easier to carry a long way for people.
  • Passenger vehicle on the basis of all-metal structure may be necessary even in such unusual for this situation as the business negotiations. For example, when you want to hold a meeting outside the office. Our business-coupes designed for this purpose: movement of a group of people for any distance at the first-class level of comfort. Nothing should interfere with successful business!
  • There should be problems as small as possible during the day of funeral, since it is difficult for everyone. Passengers inside the hearse produced by LLC «NAZ» have constant access to fresh air due to the constant turnover in ventilation system, the set temperature is also maintained.

Cargo traffic

Vehicles on the basis of all-metal structure are suitable not only for passenger but for cargo traffic, either. Dual-purpose vehicles allow you to combine both options. The space inside the body is transformed according to objectives: a number of the goods to be placed, if there will be people or not. A desired temperature is maintained in insulated vehicles regardless of the weather conditions. Thermal insulation is maintained by a special layer and materials.

Sometimes the specific conditions of transportation become necessary, e.g. for transportation of glass, scrap metal or timber. LLC «NAZ» produces all kinds of vehicles based on all-metal and other structures. You set parameters by yourself. We can also refit your all-metal truck to the passenger vehicle. Our experts are ready to answer your questions. Feel free to call by phone number 8-800-700-06-29