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Условия предоставления информации

1.   Согласие на предоставление информации.

Отправляя настоящее письмо, я — посетитель настоящего сайта, даю свое согласие на обработку моих персональных данных, указанных в настоящем письме компанией ООО «Нижегородский Автомеханический Завод» (далее — Компания) путем ведения баз данных автоматизированным, механическим и ручным способом. Полученные Компанией мои персональные данные разрешаю использовать исключительно для целей:

— связанных с исполнением моей заявки/письма/запроса;

— для предоставления мне информации о предлагаемых Компанией
товарах и услугах;

— для проведения исследований рынка и опросов потребителей, направленных на дальнейшее улучшение качества предлагаемых Компанией товаров и услуг;

— для предоставления мне рекламных материалов Компании.

2.   Посетитель вправе:

— в любое время запросить у Компании полную информацию о своих персональных данных, их обработке и использовании, а также потребовать исключения или исправления неверных или неполных персональных данных.

3.   Компания вправе:

— в случае необходимости, Компания оставляет за собой право передать данные указанные Вами, другим лицам исключительно для достижения цели, указанной в письме.

4.   Компания гарантирует, что Ваши персональные данные хранятся в соответствии с требованиями действующего Российского законодательства на условиях конфиденциальности.

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Reequipment of cargo vehicles retaining all of the important operating features

The reequipment of a cargo van into a minibus used to be very popular in our country some time ago due to many various reasons. The glut has decreased, but this service is still in great demand. The strive to save money on such works led to troubles with vehicle registration, because the new minibuses did not comply with the corresponding regulations.

Most of the auto enthusiasts understand the complexity of reequipment procedure according to certain parameters and put their trust in professionals, for example, employees of Nizhegorodskiy Avtomekhanicheskiy Zavod.

Why it is reasonable to order reequipment from us?

First of all, we are not an intermediate party, we perform all the works on our plant, we have nescessary facilities, resources and stuff of competent employees. It is notable, that there is a great supply for reequipment of vehicles in Nizhny Novgorod, sometimes the city is called the “capital” of such services provision. But by no means all of the market participants can offer the whole range of services in this sphere, including:

  • Depending on customer requirements, we install windows, hatches (not only emergency hatches, but also for ventilation), reinforce the frame, construct luggage compartments and so on.
  • Interior reequipment according to the required parameters. Reequipment of a vehicle can include all kinds of different modifications. Installation of guide rails, construction of podium, stairs…. We also perform lining works, that require certain skills and knowledge concerning upholstery materials. We can also install additional electric equipment.

We work directly with the customers, so the price of vehicle reequipment is proportional to the scope of performed works and their complexity. It is negotiated in advance, though, some variations are possible depending on the condition of a vehicle. You can choose a relatively modest and affordable variant or large-scale modifications necessary for your projects implementation.

You can order from us reequipment of your cargo van into cargo-and-passenger vehicle.   This variant is very popular among entrepreneurs and small companies, because it allows to transport people and relatively large batches of cargo or equipment at the same time. Our specialists perform such reequipment of cargo vans precisely and rigorously to ensure that the vehicle will be reliable, safe and comfortable. They know for sure what can be modified and what elements shall be left as they are.

Reequipment of a van in a side-door van is not so popular, but is till in demand. Our specialists perform all works on the high level. If such modifications are made by armatures, it can lead to damage of the vehicle, further repair costs will be much higher.

Professional reequipment of vehicles on our plant guarantees their long-time optimal operation, besides, you receive all necessary documents, that facilitate the registration process and provide a guarantee for the performed works.